Consider the Snake

Let’s give a thought, if you have time,
To treatment of the lowly snake.
Who without benefit of legs
Must travel over land and lake.

He lost his legs, the Good Book says,
Because he tempted Adam’s wife
And brought the first recorded fight
Into that happy couple’s life.

She’ll crush his head, the curse of God
It says, beneath her very heel.
Nor was he given equal space
To tell how low it made him feel.

He says he had a good excuse
If we’d only listen to it;
He says that it was genetic
And the devil made him do it.

So the snake, down through the ages,
I think received his just dessert.
When he travels on his stomach,
That hot sand has got to hurt.

Consider the Snake is a humorous poem, but have you ever considered the fact that, in the creation story, the serpent lost his legs for being out of sorts with his Creator? It wasn’t a small thing that the serpent did. He acted as an agent for the devil to destroy God’s perfect plan of creation. Eventually this act caused God to sacrifice His only Son.

Up until that time, the serpent must have been well liked. He ran around with Eve and they must have been friends or why would she have trusted him so? He was the only animal, mentioned in the story, that had the gift of speech. When he lost his legs, he lost that ability also.

Today we have just as much to lose when we interfere with God’s plan of salvation as the serpent did. What’s more, we are influenced by the same presence as influenced Eve.


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