Consider the Praying Mantis

Consider the praying mantis,
Seemingly a most loving bug.
Before she dines on her victim,
She gives it a most loving hug.

Then after hugging her victim,
Just before she eats off its face,
She folds her front appendages,
Then bowing her head, she says grace.

But the way that she treats her mate,
A marriage that’s doomed not to last,
Not even Mrs. Black Widow
Dispatches her husband so fast.

Then to consummate their marriage,
Using branch or twig for their bed,
She first embraces her husband
Then lovingly bites off his head.

Now husbands down through the ages
Have never known from whence it came;
But when their wives pounce upon them
They most all respond much the same.

Learned from the male praying mantis,
The thing he would like to have said,
“I know I don’t always please you
But you don’t have to bite off my head!”


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