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Two Lies

It was past midnight, I was going to bed, When I saw two fellows Breaking into my shed. I locked all my doors And I wished for a gun, But all I could do Was to call nine-one-one. The dispatcher told me, “We have no one near. It will be half an hour So sit […]

Bathroom Din

While I was at my neighbor’s house I asked to use his bathroom. Curiosity killed the cat And it will someday spell my doom. Bathroom cabinets challenge me. A tiny peek inside the door, Ten thousand bottles crammed inside Came crashing to the sink and floor! My neighbor is a real nice guy But I […]

Ladies First

“Ladies first” Goes back a ways, To prehistoric Caveman days. When cavemen first Became aware, They’d not invented Underwear.

Tupperware Party

“Dad, where did Mother go tonight?” Asked the father’s youngest son Ben. “To a Tupperware party”, he said, “She should be home around ten.” “What’s a Tupperware party? What do mothers do there?” Ben asked, looking at his father With an, “I don’t believe you, Dad!” stare. “They sit around drinking coffee And sell plastic […]

Ugly Baby

The lady was crying Who sat down beside him. Her jaw line was set, And her countenance grim. She said that the teller Told her something obscene; That hers was the ugliest Baby she’d ever seen He told the mad mother, Who seemed at a loss, That she should complain To the rude teller’s boss. […]