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Graduation Speech

He said he was reading his speech, Because it was really quite long. He wanted to be sure he left nothing out, And that he didn’t get anything wrong. He owed his wonderful mother For all the success that he’d had. She raised their whole family Without the help of a dad. His mother was […]

Icy Kiss

I saw two people kissing, On a lawn just down the street. Both were a little pudgy; Neither one of them had feet. They were dressed in hand-me-downs, Neither of them seemed to care. Both of them wore hats to hide The fact that neither one had hair. Although their kiss was passionate, And the […]

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Donkey went out in a boat; He tried to learn to sail. He got caught in a nylon rope; That’s how he lost his tail. The surgeon came to see him; While standing by his bed, He explained the operation, And this is what he said. They’ll put a blindfold on me, And spin me […]

Two Lies

It was past midnight, I was going to bed, When I saw two fellows Breaking into my shed. I locked all my doors And I wished for a gun, But all I could do Was to call nine-one-one. The dispatcher told me, “We have no one near. It will be half an hour So sit […]

Bathroom Din

While I was at my neighbor’s house I asked to use his bathroom. Curiosity killed the cat And it will someday spell my doom. Bathroom cabinets challenge me. A tiny peek inside the door, Ten thousand bottles crammed inside Came crashing to the sink and floor! My neighbor is a real nice guy But I […]