Case Dismissed

Each of the two divorcees
Were divorced from the same man.
The two of them were fighting
As only one man’s ex-wives can.

Each of the ex-wives stated
That the other’s claim was phony;
Just a lame attempt to get
Most of the alimony.

They had brought their fight to court,
Each one wanting all the loot.
The judge quickly saw a way
He could settle this dispute.

The women had grown boisterous;
They yelled and pushed and shoved,
Each trying to be first to speak
About the man each once had loved.

The judge said, “We’ll have order
Before my eardrums burst.
Both of you two can testify,
I’ll hear the oldest woman first.”

The judge had to dismissed the case
About the alimony.
It seems that it had died in court
For lack of testimony.


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