My vegetarian friends say that I am cruel and bad.
The meat I eat for dinner was some poor critter’s mom or dad.
I may eat Mom or Dad and aunts and uncles maybe.
But I find it much more tender to eat the critter’s baby.

They say that God will get me, for eating fellow creatures.
But when God made up our menu, meat was one of its main features.
When Cain offered God the veggies, did God sit down to eat?
No, he called for brother Abel, and said, “Bring on the meat!”

He told the Israel children, with no ifs, nor ands, nor buts,
“Bring me the first born of your flocks and I want the better cuts.”
So, if God didn’t want us to use his animals to eat;
Then why do you suppose he made them out of meat?

I confess I am a Carnivore. I like a good T-bone steak just barely hot all the way through, cooked just to the point that a good veterinarian could still get it back on its feet.

Have you noticed that animal rights are fast taking precedent over people rights? A man tried to kill a tree in Austin in recent times and he got more jail time then many people who commit homicide. In California, a mountain lion killed a young mother who was trying to protect her child. The rangers killed the lion and discovered that she had a cub. There was more than ten times as much money collected for the orphaned cub than there was for the orphaned child. As they say here in Texas, “Go figure.”

A friend of mine told me that someone told him that God does not look kindly on those who kill or eat His creations. Anyone familiar with the Bible knows that God was a big consumer of meat and he made sure that his priests had an ample supply also. And, no, Jesus didn’t change all of that. He came to save us from our sins, not change our appetites.

One reporter wrote of an activist who got out of her leather upholstered Cadillac to spray red paint on a woman’s fur coat. Did she see any disclaimer on the Cadillac’s leather that said, “No animals were injured in the manufacture of this leather.”?


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