Bus Wreck

“What caused your wreck?” the doctor asked
While he was setting another bone.
“Peanuts,” the bus driver told him,
In a dejected kind of tone.

“Peanuts?” the doctor asked the man,
“Just how did peanuts cause your wreck?
I guess you know how close you came
To dying with a broken neck?”

“They kept feeding me peanuts,
Two sick old ladies on my bus.
I said that they should eat some too.
They said, ‘Nuts are bad for us.'”

“’Then why do you buy nuts?’ I asked.
They answered, with a phlegmy cough.
‘We only buy the coated ones.
We like to suck the chocolate off.'”

“That’s when I lost complete control.
I don’t think that you can blame me.
I choked so bad I couldn’t see,
Ran off the road and hit a tree!”


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