Budding Artist

I found an open can of paint
That someone left in our guest room.
I thought that I would paint some things
And so I painted Mom’s new broom.

I painted our new kitchen sink
And several of the kitchen chairs.
I painted lots of pretty things
And left them drying on the stairs.

I painted Fido’s rattle bone
And tried to make him fetch it.
I’m going to paint my sister’s cat
If I can ever catch it.

In the military you are taught to plan for any possible contingency. This sometimes calls for preemptive strikes to neutralize the enemy’s capabilities by anticipating their possible future actions.

Budding Artist, could, of course, be used as a how to manual for young interior decorators but I rather hope that parents will use it as a preemptive strike to warn any potential artists of just what will happen to them if they try to redecorate the walls or furniture, but most of all, to remember not to leave any cans of open paint where young artists can get their hands on them.


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