Brussels the Bunny

Brussels was a baby rabbit,
Just a tiny little bunny.
Brussels always wondered why
He had to have a name so funny.

When you read this bunny story,
I am going to tell you why.
And you’ll know it is the truth
Because I wouldn’t tell a lie.

Brussels lived next to a garden,
Out behind the city dump,
In a cozy little tunnel
Beneath an old dead oak tree stump.

Brussels really liked the garden,
Which was the pride of Farmer Brown.
He raised cabbages and turnips
That he would take and sell in town.

Little Brussels liked the turnips
But the cabbages were best.
He liked to walk along the rows
And give each one a bunny test.

Now Farmer Brown was furious
And he was very mad as well.
Cabbages with bunny tooth marks
Were never easy ones to sell.

So he went out to the tree stump
And he gave it quite a kick.
He tried to cave the tunnel in
And beat it with his walking stick.

It gave the rabbits quite a scare
When dirt and roots fell on their table.
It caused their lights to all go out
And even cut their TV cable.

Father Rabbit then told Brussels,
As he tried to fix their door,
Until he could eat one whole,
He’d nibble cabbages no more.

He’d surely miss his cabbages
And that’s the bunny truth
And then, as if to make things worse,
Brussels lost a baby tooth.

That night he placed the little tooth
Beneath his tiny bunny pillow
And waited for his first tooth fairy
Whose name he had been told is Willow.

Now Willow placed a dollar bill
On top of Brussels little bed
But Brussels asked the tiny fairy
If he could have a wish instead?

Of course you know the bunny wish
That little Brussels made that night.
He wished that he could eat a cabbage
In one single bunny bite.

When Willow heard his silly wish,
She was sure her little client,
Thought that if his wish came true,
He would become a great big giant.

But, if Brussels was a giant,
He would no longer fit his bed,
So she went to see the cabbages
And she made them all small instead.

If you don’t believe my story
And I’m sure you have your doubts,
Ask your mom, when you’re out shopping,
To buy you some of Brussel’s sprouts.

Brussels the Bunny is another vegetable story. Hey, it worked for cauliflower! My second son, Jonathan, who is now a Family Practice physician, liked Brussels sprouts so much that he always vowed to eat one for each year old that he was. His sister and brothers teased him and asked him what he would do when he reached forty-five; he claimed that he would eat forty-five of them. I think that it was a statement long ago forgotten. But for several years he always insisted on one for each year of his age.

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