Bits And Pieces

When I was young I heard Dad say
That God had thrown my mold away.
So why do grownups always start
To claim my every body part?

My curly hair, a fiery red,
Grandpa’s bald, but still he said
While throwing me high in the air,
“You know you’ve surely got my hair.”

Of course it was no big surprise
When Mother said I had her eyes.
And Uncle said, “You’ve got my nose”
While Daddy claimed my crooked toes.

One of my mother’s biggest fears,
I have my great aunt’s floppy ears.
I used to wonder, just what’s mine?
Well, no one’s yet claimed my behind!

Have you ever noticed how adults, especially relatives, always try to determine where each of a new baby’s body parts came from? As a child, I vividly remember an uncle on my father’s side asking why no one ever claimed the kid’s behind. Of course he didn’t use the word “behind.”

Bits and Pieces points out the frustration a youngster must feel when all of his parts are claimed by someone else. So if you are a kid, next time some adult claims some part of you, just read them this poem.

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#1 Liza on 02.28.12 at 8:28 am

That is hilarious!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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