Birthday Parties

I like to have neighborhood parties
Celebrating my children’s birthdays.
It’s not just for the kids’ benefit…
Even though they’re my little sunrays.

I like to have neighborhood parties,
Or to have neighbors’ kids here to dine,
Just to prove to myself there’re people
Who have kids who are much worse than mine.

Some parents love to give birthday parties and others dread them. Our son Jon’s wife, Michelle, goes all out with banners, balloons, party hats, flowers and whistles. And the party must take place on the actual anniversary date. Our youngest son Tim’s wife, Erin, likes to spread it out over several days with family parties and kid parties.

Our daughter, Ruthie, had two tenth birthdays. We were returning from our tour of duty in Japan, in the wee hours of the morning after her birthday and then we crossed the International Date Line aboard the airplane, so she got to spend another birthday evening on U.S. soil, when we landed in California.

Our oldest son, Ron, forgot his birthday one year and we had the fun of surprising him at the breakfast table. His surprised expression is indelibly etched in our minds, what fun!

The mother in Birthday Parties has an ulterior motive. She likes to assure herself, every so often, that her kids aren’t the worst in the world.


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