Birdie Geek

I wish that I
could fly up high
Like a birdie
in the sky.

But Mommy said
if I had wings,
I’d just be bumping
into things.

I’d need no shoes
with birdie feet
And I think that
Would be real neat.

But Sister said
a birdie beak,
Would make me look
just like a Geek.

And Mommy said
that she just might
Not want to kiss
A beak goodnight.

In Birdie Geek, the little boy is willing to accept all of the discouraging comments from his sister. He even thinks that some of the things that she has described would be kind of neat but he isn’t quite ready to give up his goodnight kiss from his mother.

Being able to fly is one dream that is almost universal or so I read the other night. So if you have never dreamed that you were flying, you’re not normal!


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