Bird Ring

A birdie knocks on Daddy’s window
Every single day.
Daddy always goes outside
To shoosh the bird away.

He even put a plastic owl
Outside upon the deck.
Daddy said that he would like
To wring the birdie’s neck.

I think the neck’s a silly place
For a bird to wear a ring.
‘Cause it would probably make him mad
And make it hard for him to sing.

I grew up on a ranch and participated in hog butchering, chicken plucking and game dressing. My dad dispatched chickens with a quick flip of his wrist while holding the chicken’s head in his hand. The method was quick and painless. It was referred to as wringing the chicken’s neck.

With that background, I was well aware of what was meant when I heard an adult say, “I would like to wring that guy’s neck.” But when asked by a young boy what that phrase meant, it gave me the idea for Birdie Ring.

This is just another example of the confusion the English language causes small children when so many words sound alike but mean something entirely different. We even have a name for this stupidity; we call them homonyms. It makes you wonder if they just ran out of good words when they were putting the language together!


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