Billing Records

All day long, since Heaven’s early dawn,
The Pope had stood at the Pearly Gate.
What in Heaven was so important
That Saint Peter would make a pope wait?

Was any mortal more important?
Surely a pope would deserve better.
Does Mary know how he’s been treated?
He sent his angel to go get her.

She told him that Heaven was all abuzz,
A most unusual guest was due.
A search of Heaven’s history tomes
Showed this was something entirely new.

Soon a lawyer was due to arrive,
He was scheduled for early today.
Everyone’s busy checking the books
To verify what they seem to say.

The Pope said, “A lawyer in Heaven!
And is that what the fuss is about?
Surely there’re more lawyers in Heaven
Than there are popes, there is little doubt.”

“He’s not just a lawyer”, said Mary,
“he’s a marvel of modern science.
We’ve figured he’s lived three hundred years
By total time he’s billed his clients.


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