Bad Willie Joe

Willy Joe was my twin brother.
Willy Joe was an evil twin,
‘Cause everything that Willy did
Was either illegal, or a sin.

We’d always looked so much alike,
Even our folks would mix us up.
I asked for a dog for Christmas
But brother Willy got the pup.

In the end it didn’t matter
I used the trick that Willy used.
I told the dog that I was Will
And to this day, he’s still confused.

One time, when we were still quite small,
I ate a thing that made me ill.
The doctor almost let me die
Because he treated brother Will.

Willy often broke the law
They always caught him without fail;
But when the policemen came for Will,
I was the one they took to jail.

The day I died, I got revenge,
Poor Willy wasn’t even ill,
It took a week before they noticed
Instead of me, they’d buried Will.



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