Ask and You Shall Receive

He asked God for a mansion
With a butler and a maid.
He got a mobile home
With a mortgage to be paid.

He asked God for a cathedral
With a steeple and a bell.
He got a dirt floor mission
Just outside the gates of Hell.

He asked God for the wisdom
To get him through each day.
He wondered what he’d get this time
But God just said, “Okay.”

All of our prayers are answered. It’s just that the answer is sometimes, “NO.” One woman in our Sunday school class once said that if God had answered all of her prayers, she would have married the wrong man, several times. I think I’ll write a poem about that. The man doing the praying, in this instance, is a preacher. A good preacher would probably be better in tune with God’s plan for his life. I once saw a plaque on a preacher friend’s wall; “I don’t want a cathedral with a steeple and a bell. Give me a chapel just outside the gates of Hell.” (But he seemed to be enjoying his plush, air-conditioned office.)


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