It was their anniversary,
They had been married fifty years.
A union full of happiness
And of course there had been some tears.

Their children gave them the party.
And it had been a great surprise.
They could see their life in pictures,
All there, spread out before their eyes.

I decided I would ask them
If they’d like me to bring them tea.
He said, “Don’t put any sugar,
Just add a little cream for me.”

His wife said, “Dear, I’ve put sugar
In your tea now for fifty years”.
Then he told me with a chuckle
But I believe I saw some tears.

“For fifty years I have loved her,
She is the only girl for me.
From the night that we were married,
My sweetheart always brought me tea.

Our first twenty years I told her,
But she just never heard a word,
So now for thirty years or so
I’ve kept quite, I just haven’t stirred.”

Ruth says that I just think that I know what she is going to say before she finishes her sentence. What she doesn’t know is that I really do always know what she is going to say and we haven’t even been married fifty years yet.

In Anniversary we meet an old fellow who tried to make himself heard for twenty-five of the fifty years they had been married and then just gave up and compensated. You’ll notice however that he didn’t let it affect his love.

We should all be that understanding. We all have our own faults and it is nice to know that we have someone who loves us enough to overlook them.


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