Angel Helper

Jerry’s mother told him
That dark should hold no fear,
“God’s given you an angel
And he is always near.”

But dark is just for monsters
And Jerry liked the light.
He feared to go out in the dark
And always stayed inside at night.

But it was Jerry’s evening job
To shut the barnyard gate.
Today he had forgotten it
And it had gotten very late.

His mom said,”Don’t you worry
‘Cause your angel’s gone ahead,
He’ll keep you safe, while you’re out there,
And get you safely back in bed.”

So Jerry went out on the porch
And stared into the fearsome night,
“If my angel’s really out there
It looks like he forgot his light.”

He yelled, “Angel, I would do it,
But it’s gotten kinda late.
Since you’re out there anyway,
Would you shut the barnyard gate?”


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