And Her Cat Too

Sister’s cat is a real ratfink
No matter what she tries to say,
‘Cause when I make a small mistake
The stupid cat gives me away.

When I broke Dad’s model airplane
And tried to claim that it was her,
She ran and jumped up in Dad’s lap
And won him over with a purr.

Dad said eggs make cats’ fur shiny.
So why waste a good rotten egg?
The stupid cat ran in the house
And rubbed it off on Mama’s leg.

I want to warn you so you’ll know,
My little sister is a brat;
But I will give her to you free
If you will also take her cat.

In And Her Cat Too, I’m not suggesting that all little brothers and sisters hate each other. I know too many examples that would beg the opposite. There is, however, some degree of sibling rivalry in every multi-child family. One of the first words kids learn is, “Mine,” followed soon after by, “That’s not fair.”

As every cat must know, little boys love to tease cats. In this poem the little boy has proposed a plan for getting rid of both of his antagonists.

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#1 Liza on 02.26.12 at 9:38 pm

I love it just not the sister part

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