A Cajun Goes To Hell

A Cajun died and went to Hell,
And caused the Devil much concern.
He’d been there for a month or two
But hadn’t yet begun to burn.

The Devil’s job, as we all know,
Is making sinners pay their debt.
But the Cajun mystified him,
He hadn’t even raised a sweat.

He sat there singing bayou songs
He said Hell was kind of pretty.
He said it wasn’t very hot,
Compared to May in Morgan City.

The Devil turned the heat way up
And went to see his Cajun guest.
He seemed to be quite comfortable
And didn’t seem the least bit stressed.

“He loves the heat,” the Devil thought,
“So I will freeze him to the bone!”
He put him in a frozen pit,
And left the Cajun there alone.

When Satan next went by the pit,
He heard him singing in the hole.
“You know what this means,” he shouted.
“The Saints just won the Super Bowl!”


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