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Pets Need Lots of Room

If you have a pet That you care for at all, Be sure that its home Hasn’t gotten too small. Pets need lots of room To frolic and rest, And every pet needs To have room for a guest.

Frozen Features

Mommy said I should be careful When I made a face today. ‘Cause if we had a sudden freeze My face could easily stay that way. That’s when Mommy got the giggles, I’m not sure just what about. I looked at Daddy’s face and asked, “Do faces ever thaw back out?”

Consider the Tumble Bug

He follows a cow Until nature calls Then rolls up her droppings In neat little balls. Did the other bugs think His parents were crude When they taught the young beetle To play with his food? I’ll be first to admit That his sculptures are neat But I will look elsewhere For something to eat. […]

Wash Day

I have a blanket white as snow, It goes everywhere I go. My blanket got a little gray So Mommy’s washing it today. The washer scares me when it grumbles, I hope my blanket likes the tumbles. Sometimes the washer shakes and rocks That must be when it’s eating socks I told it that my […]


Mom said a pet dinosaur Would certainly be distinct, “I’m sure Dad would buy you one If they were not all extinct.” Why do grownups use big words To confuse us when we’re small? I bet a pet dinosaur Would never extinct at all!