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Powder Puff Fight

We had a fight with a powder puff My sister Jennie and me. When you fight with a powder puff It’s hard for you to see. You twirl around in powdery clouds That smell so much like Mother. I told Jennie, “This will teach you Not to tease your brother!” Now just where did our […]

Computer Skills

My computer stopped working And I don’t know what to do! If I call up tech support, Will he send around a crew to help me download bluestacks? He tends to treat us teachers With such total disrespect He’s also quick to question Our computer intellect. One of my brighter students, Computer skills unabashed, Just […]

The Life of Riley

“Before this, I lived the life of Riley”, John bragged to his brand new prison cellmate, “I had untold wealth at my fingertips And caviar with every meal I ate.” “So, what did you do to end up in here?” He asked, interrupting John’s reminiscing. “Oh, I’ve been in here ever since Riley Discovered his […]

The Major’s Volkswagon

My first assignment as a young Air Force captain was as the Chief of Security and Law Enforcement at James Connally Air Force Base in Waco, Texas. I was a stickler for enforcing base traffic regulations, and vigorously backed my patrolmen on every ticket they wrote. One frequent violator was the Base Civil Engineer, a […]

It Works With Ketchup

It was his first time on the potty, So it was taking him quite awhile. I watched him as I drank my coffee, What he was doing caused me to smile. He kept bopping himself on the head, So I asked him what that was about. He said, “That’s what Daddy always does When he […]