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A New Voice in Heaven

Angels today in Heaven All have reason to rejoice; It seems the Heavenly Choir Has auditioned a new voice. His talent had been noted, And a void will now be filled; When Barron adds his tenor, All of Heaven will be thrilled. He so loved to sing of Heaven; How God’s singers would be there. […]

That’s When She Hit Me

All I said, “It would be neat If you’d make less noise When you eat.” How was I Supposed to think, That she was plunging Out the sink?

Horse Tale

His wife showed him the note she’d found, “A hundred dollars for May Lou.” As she stood there threatening him With a sharp pointed high heeled shoe. “Honey, that’s a horse I bet on, I lost the hundred dollars, too!” She dropped the shoe and hugged his neck; “I’m sorry that I doubted you!” She […]

Mail Order Woman

The catalogue came last week And there on page seventeen Was the prettiest little woman That Buford had ever seen. At forty seven ninety nine The woman really did look nice And with the shipping throwed in free You really couldn’t beat the price. He sent his order right away. And told Hank, his friend, […]

Two Envelopes

He had come to this large church, To test his pastor skills. He was sure of his ability And sure of his preaching skills. The deacon board, they warned him, Was really tough to please. Now this first confrontation Had sent him to his knees. This problem had arisen With which he could not cope, […]