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Just where could her husband be? He was bad to keep her waiting. It was hot inside the car; This was very aggravating! He was always in a hurry So who’s the slowpoke now? If she made him wait this long, He would have a holy cow. He wouldn’t use a cell phone, No way […]

Ugly Baby

The lady was crying Who sat down beside him. Her jaw line was set, And her countenance grim. She said that the teller Told her something obscene; That hers was the ugliest Baby she’d ever seen He told the mad mother, Who seemed at a loss, That she should complain To the rude teller’s boss. […]

Useless Words

Sis said, “It’s raining cats and dogs!” I was eating apple strudel. She said before she came inside, That she had stepped into a poodle. She watched me as I penned these lines And told me it should be a crime, For poets to add useless words To try and make their verses rhyme. My […]


I was training my dog While in town yesterday; I was trying to teach him The meaning of stay. I parked at a store In my new SUV; Then my dog in training Tried to go in with me. I wouldn’t be long And the weather was cool, But I knew my dog thought I […]