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Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

Mom always makes me sandwiches That no other mom can beat. Her peanut butter and jelly Is my very favorite treat. A big fat bully at my school Seems to like them best of all; He hunts me down and takes them; Today he chased me down the hall. I had hid one in my […]

Death Wish

Poor old Tom was dying; By his bed sat his wife. He asked for one last wish Before he left this life. “Of course,” she said, “My dear, Just ask me anything. Is it something I can do, Or something I can bring?” “It’s something you can do, As soon as I am dead, I […]

Polar Bear

Good Polar Bear, It’s just a hunch When you invite Me out to lunch. I know that you Can’t just eat seal With ice water For every meal. But if some time We meet for food, I hope you’re in A corn flakes mood. If I’m wary Of your menu, You can’t blame me Nice […]

The Brown Paper Bag Cowboy

“The Brown Paper Bag Cowboy Is the low life I’m looking for.” The sheriff yelled out loudly As he walked into the bar. “He has a brown bag for a hat, He wears paper pants and shirt. He has high-top paper boots And goes by the name of Bert.” “What’s Bert wanted for, Sheriff? Your […]

What Happened to Tom?

Tom found an island Out at sea, Or maybe there Were two or three. The scaly beach Was yellow green. No trees or shells, An empty scene. Tom’s water gone, He’d dig for more. That’s when he heard An awful roar! Tom’s friends all wonder Where he’s been, No one has heard From him since […]