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Too Old For Golf

Although ninety years old, Jack played golf every day, So he was unhappy, His sight was slipping away. He could still hit the ball A good country mile, But not seeing its flight Was cramping his style. His wife said, “Take Herby, He has perfect eyesight. He’s a hundred and two But he’s still very […]

Contempt Of Court

A small town prosecutor Called his first witness to the stand. A grandmotherly type woman Took the oath with upraised hand. “Mrs. Jones, do you know me?” “Yes, ever since you were a child, You lie and cheat on your wife And know how to get people riled.” “You think that you’re a big shot, […]

Too Good To Sell

She asked me for my help, She needed to sell her car. It had 250,000 Miles on it so far. With so many miles on it, No one would even look. She said she had to sell it No matter what it took. So I turned her mileage back To 50,000 miles, Using a special […]

The Bigger Miracle

The young boy learned in Sunday school, How the Israelites crossed the Red Sea; How God then drowned the Egyptians, Allowing his people to flee. “That’s no miracle,” someone said, “They actually crossed the Sea of Reeds. The water there is two feet deep. Just a marsh full of brush and weeds.” The boy said, […]

A Thirty Pound Deal

“If you lose thirty pounds,” His slightly plump wife said, “I’ll dance for you each night Before we go to bed.” The husband told his wife, Observing her tight pants, “If you lose thirty pounds, I just might watch you dance!”