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The Copy Machine

He was standing by the shredder A confused look on his face. He never uses the equipment And looked entirely out of place. I took the paper from my boss And fed it into the machine. My boss is usually quiet nice But then at times he’s downright mean. You can imagine my concern That […]

The Live Passenger

I had a question for the cabbie So I tapped him on the shoulder. He screamed as he ran off the road And hit a landscape boulder. As we crawled out of the wreckage, I could see that he was shaking. I guessed I’d really scared him, I could tell he wasn’t faking. “You must […]

Heavenly Dance

She asked that I come visit As she hadn’t long to live. She said she loved our little church. She had some things she’d like to give. She talked of doing a heavenly dance With her departed husband Fred. She knew that he would wait for her These long ten years that he’d been dead. […]

On Turning One Hundred

When I was young my father said, “Always respect your elders, Son.” It’s difficult because of late, I have a hard time finding one!

My Reflection

MY REFLECTION I looked into a mirror And I saw my mother there All the wrinkles by my eyes And the way I comb my hair. I thought “Dear God it Heaven, Have I really become her? In the way I treat my kids, And the lifestyle I prefer?” I told my oldest sister, “We […]