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Dead Church

The pastor called 911, He didn’t know what to do A member had died in church Sitting right there in his pew! When the EMT got there They called 911 and said, They’d carried four members out Before they found who was dead!

Millionaire Daughter

My daughter keeps a messy house. Food on the floor for roach and mouse. She makes her beds when she wishes And she never has clean dishes. To dirt and dust gives little care And now she is a millionaire! Her dirty dishes grew some mold They used to cure the common cold!

Willy’s Big Red Truck

She was the town’s biggest gossip No one could avoid her ire. And telling the village secrets Was work from which she’d never tire. Now Willy had a big red truck The folks from miles around all knew it. When Joe’s bar needed something fixed Willy was the one to do it. While Willy worked […]