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Tough Choice

Bill and I were out hunting deer, A way up on the far hillside, When old Bill had a heart attack And that is how my old friend died. My hunting really had been good. I’d killed a great big ten point buck And then old Bill just up and died. Now isn’t that my […]


God said, “Don’t eat fruit from that tree Or you’ll surely live to rue it.” When God caught him with the apple, Adam said, “Eve made me do it!” Is that why God gave man a wife So when his options all are gone, He’ll have someone convenient To blame his stupid mistakes on?

Tackle Box

He said that fishing with his boss Would be helpful for his career. He told his wife to pack his bags, His new suitcase and fishing gear. He said, “Be sure and don’t forget My silk pajamas and dress socks.” As he left she ran to catch him, “You’re forgetting your tackle box!” When he […]


I was in my office one night When a strange fellow came right in. He was wearing a set of wings, Antennas and a sheepish grin. He said, “Doc, you have to help me. I keep thinking that I’m a moth. I’ve been flitting around all night And I have a craving for cloth.” I […]

Little Boy Pink

The doctor said, “For sure a boy” And filled my wife and me with joy. But later when he’d time to think, He said we’d best change things to pink. Then Aunt Mae said, (she’s never wrong) “The mother’s voice, a girl child’s song.” Great Grandma said, “She carries high. The spot that girls will […]