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Two Trees

God planted two trees in the garden; One was The Tree of Eternal Life. Eve chose the other, Worldly Knowledge, Which resulted in her pain and strife. One tree in God’s heavenly garden Would have granted immortality. The other, Tree of Worldly Knowledge, Great suffering for humanity. Eve’s temptation was to be God-like, Enticed by […]


He was the first to smell the smoke, It was the middle of the night, And he was instantly awake For surely something wasn’t right. He jumped and ran from room to room, At each one, shouting the alarm. His only thought his family, That none of them should suffer harm. He stayed inside the […]


The voice on the phone was shaky, It resounded with dread and fear. “My hunting buddy’s dead!” he yelled, “We just came out to hunt some deer!” I tried to calm the caller down, “There’s an ambulance on the way. Just calm down until it gets there, Try to listen to what I say. Before […]


My wife is in a panic, She found a gray hair today. She asked if I’ll still love her When she’s gone completely gray. I told her not to worry And she shouldn’t look so sad. I’ve loved her through three colors And one more can’t be so bad.

It’s Just the Way I Talk

Mama says I talk too loud, That my talking hurts her ears. She says if I don’t tone down, She’ll be deaf in two more years. Grandpa says I talk too low And that I tend to mumble. He says when I talk so low, My words are one big jumble. Teacher says I talk […]