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Toilet Brush

Bubba saw the advertisement And he thought he’d like to buy it. It would save him lots of money So he was going to try it. The clerk said, “It’s a toilet brush. It’s used to help you keep it clean.” Now old Bubba had a toothbrush But a toilet brush he’d not seen. He […]

Like Mother Like Daughter

My daughter’s sure done it this time! She has married a no-good bum! Just why would she want to marry The lazy good-for-nothing scum? So I asked who caused her problem, What had gotten into her head… Well at least she didn’t blame me, “Like mother like daughter,” she said.

The Alligator

My neighbors gathered around Like some display at the zoo. An eight-foot alligator, What was I going to do? “One hundred dollars,” I said, “To the one who gets him out.” That’s when I heard old Bubba Let out a terrible shout. Splashing about in my pool He grabbed the terrible beast. I thought the […]

My Fiancée

She was the center of my life, My lovely fiancée. I thought that nothing she could do Would ever cause my love to sway. Until her letter came just now, And hit me like a bomb: “Dear John, Your dad and I got married. Love, Mom”