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“Don’t write a book of poems,” they said, “Right now we just don’t need it.” “Don’t write a book of poems,” they said, “Because no one will read it.” “Don’t write a book of poems,” they said, “It’s just a waste of time.” “Don’t write a book of poems,” they said, “Especially if they rhyme.” […]

Stolen Car

Well, why didn’t she go? The light had just turned green. She was the dumbest broad That he had ever seen! He honked and then he cursed. He rolled his window down, And made a vulgar sign. “The stupid lady clown!” Then a cop stopped in back And told him to get out. He asked, […]

Greasy Spoon

We stopped there to get coffee, The restaurant far from clean. I had to wipe the table, Soup stain and a dried up bean. The waitress wasn’t friendly, Her uniform was a fright. She stared at us both coldly, We wondered if she might bite. I ordered us both coffee. Then not trying to sound […]

Ugly Mask

I won a contest at the fair… What contest did I win, you ask? I won a contest at the fair For having the most ugly mask. Was I proud that I won, you ask? It surely wasn’t too much fun! Why wasn’t it much fun, you ask? Because I wasn’t wearing one!

Rose Colored Glasses

He had been criticizing his wife About the excess weight she carried, But quickly said, “Without your glasses, You still look like the girl I married.” So she took her glasses off and said, “You know, what you say is really true Because when I take my glasses off You look like the boy I […]