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Backwoods Pig

The road was barely passable Where he finally found their shack. Writing tales about backwoodsmen Often took him to heck and back! They were certainly backwoodsmen, An old junk car seat for a chair, He asked for a cup of water And maybe stories they would share. They insisted he share vittles, A soup bowl […]


Lonnie was “L” but he’s sick at home. Olympia was “O” but she’s gone to Rome. Victor was “V” but he lost his sign. Esther, who was “E”, couldn’t learn her line. Yolanda, who was “Y”, went skiing with Freddy. Oliver said, “Phooey, there’s one “O” already.” To say “I Love You” is a hard […]

Two Dresses

I knew from the very start It would not be smooth sledding, The two had bought the same dress For wearing to my wedding. Stepmother was adamant, She would not buy another. So the first one to give in Had been my stubborn mother. She purchased another dress, Not quite as nice as she’d had, […]

On the Other Hand

I have a good partner That’s close as a brother. At somebody’s first glance We look like each other. He has all the talent, Smartest one of us two, He mostly leads the way In the things that we do. Though I’ll take the lead When we have a fistfight, He is the only one […]


Have you ever seen water Under a microscope? If you haven’t yet, You won’t, I hope. You’ll see lots of ugly bugs And slimy gooey worms, And all kinds of things That we call germs. You’ll see small ugly microbes With names you cannot spell. Fast things and slow things Swimming pell-mell. Such disgusting ugly […]