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Take the Bus

The T.V. commercial Said every one of us Would have a joyous trip If we would take a bus. So I thought I would try To comply with their ad But the bus was hard to start And it made the driver mad. There were cops everywhere, It was a terrible pain. I sure won’t […]

Dead Poets

Do you know a famous poet? They are few and far between. Dead poets are the only Famous poets that I’ve seen. So don’t ask me if I’m famous, I hope I have a ways to go, ‘Cause dead poets are the only Famous poets that I know.

Don’t Make an Eagle Mad

Don’t make an eagle mad, The last thing one should do. She has an awesome beak And awesome talons too. She is a peaceful bird Until her nest is breached. Then she is quick to strike ‘Fore safety can be reached. The enemy dispatched, The nest which once stood high Will quickly be rebuilt; A […]