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Six Again

This year I’d give my dear wife Her bestest birthday ever And anything she would want Would be my sole endeavor. She thought that I was joking, ‘Cause she said with wifely grin, “If it’s anything I want, Then make me a six again.” I woke her up next morning, Just a little after dawn, […]

Race Horse

While jogging down a country lane, I came upon an old gray horse. I heard a voice say, “Hello there” And looked around to find its source. The horse came over to the fence And then I clearly heard him say, “May I ask to where you’re trotting, On such a pretty, lovely day?” First […]

The Rhyme

Last night I wrote a poem But the words just didn’t fit, With syllables too many And the meter off a bit. A participle dangled And an adjective displaced, The metaphor intended No longer could be traced. The grammar was atrocious And the similes a crime. I am very proud of it Because I made […]

Gourd Dipper

She grinned as she stood watching me, A wrinkled crooked toothless grin. Tobacco juice in rivulets Ran through the whiskers on her chin. She’d filled the old gourd dipper full, Good spring water, fresh, clear and cold. To drink from her offered dipper – Was I foolish to be so bold? She looked at me […]