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She was dancing on a manhole cover And I asked what she was doing. Then she looked at me quite coyly And she said that she was twoing. Well, I looked for Candid Camera As she continued with her dance “Two, two, two, two, two”, she chanted. It almost put me in a trance. I […]

Doggy Years

I hear you’re having A birthday party And I guess you wish You were still forty? Well just stop and think, Before you shed tears, How old you would be Counting doggy years!

Smoking Section

“You want smoking or non-smoking,” The waitress asked me yesterday. “I want to breathe somebody’s smoke?” I told the waitress, “There’s no way!” But smoke still filled the restaurant And I could certainly tell it. Why didn’t someone else complain? Couldn’t everybody smell it? They said smoke stays in its section, They take me for […]

Air Plane Ride

The deal was that they make no sound, If so, their plane ride would be free. It was an open-air bi-wing, The old plane had no canopy Today was dear old Bea’s birthday And she had never flown before, I’d promised her an airplane ride Back when she was 74. The pilot was a raucous […]

Old Coots Fire Department

He called 911, his barn was on fire! The Mad Dog Fire Department was the best. His brand new hay-filled barn on fire Would put these valiant men to test. He telephoned them to please come quickly And then rushed to meet them up at his gate. But when he got there, they’d crashed through, […]