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Little Sammy Speckles

Everybody liked to tease Little Sam about his freckles; They liked to call him names Like Little Sammy Speckles. His Grandma saw him crying And asked why he was sad; He told her how the children Were teasing him so bad. She said, “I love your freckles. Each one’s a beauty spot. God loved you […]

Immediate Departure

The preacher asked, “Who’s ready to go to heaven? Please show by upraised hand.” Only Hank’s hands remained at his side. “All those ready to go to Heaven, please stand.” The preacher looked out over his flock. In the entire congregation only Hank sat quietly in his seat While row by row all of the […]

Fire Drill

He was dressed up for the Christmas play, We all tried not to laugh at him. He was very much back-woodsy And we thought a little dim. He was dressed in rubber boots, He had a bucket and an axe. He said, “Y’all er jus’ a lafin’ ‘Cause ya don’t know all the facts. I’m […]

Dinner Guest

Oh dirty nasty little fly, Where had your footsteps taken you Before you walked across my plate And stuck your snout into my stew? I saw you and your friends out strolling Across a fresh cow paddy And then I saw you eating slop When I fed the pigs with Daddy. I want to know […]