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Gray Hair

“Mommy, look, another gray hair Just why do you have so many?” “Each time you are bad I get one. When you’re good, I don t get any.” Suzy looked at Grandma’s picture Then with voice a little sad. “Mommy, when you were still little Were you really all that bad?”


Pat and Mike would sit and rock Cause their time was off the clock. So they talked of mundane things Like breakfast cereal and wedding rings. Pat discussed each ache and pain, While Mike talked about the rain. Their conversations got so droll The three blind mice stayed in their hole. Both were nice and […]

Fire Fighter

When little Tommy was real young, I think that he was almost three. He said as soon as he got big A fireman’s what he’d like to be. When I saw him with a bucket, A fireman’s hat upon his head, I thought that he was just playing And told him it was time for […]

Heavy Load

He was really getting to me, Stopping at each intersection, Beating on his panel truck With a kind of planned perfection. He would jump out of his truck With a wooden baseball bat And bang upon the old truck’s sides With a rat-a tat-tat-tat. He was getting on my nerves, Why should I endure this […]

Nine Lives

Our dumb dog killed the neighbor’s cat And dragged him back into our yard. That poor old cat sure looked as if He had been treated mighty hard. Mom knew our neighbors weren’t at home, They’d planned on being out of town. She said that she’d make things look right While there was no one […]