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Confessed Sin*

There it stood, a work of art, Made out of sand and clay. The beauty of it stirred my heart And caused my thoughts to stray. So many minds had labored there To build this marvelous thing. Each tiny grain was placed with care, Held not with glue or string. Built in this place where […]

Dog Daze

My master wonders what I think The times he sees me lying here. He wonders if I’ve ticks and fleas Each time he sees me scratch my ear. And when I sleep and kick my feet He wonders if it is a dream Of maybe chasing cottontails Or treeing coons down by the stream. If […]

Which is Wiser

I had climbed the highest mountain, Where I could hardly breathe the air, Just to find the man of wisdom, That someone told me lived up there. And I found him contemplating The many problems of the world. Before this great man of wisdom There was no secret left unfurled. When at last I asked […]

Daddy’s Little Helper

As Jake and his son were driving one night Around in a Texas state park They happened upon a Texas game warden Broke down and alone in the dark. Old Jake decided that he’d rub it in To a man that he’d grown to dislike. So he stopped and he said to the government man, […]

Bird Ring

A birdie knocks on Daddy’s window Every single day. Daddy always goes outside To shoosh the bird away. He even put a plastic owl Outside upon the deck. Daddy said that he would like To wring the birdie’s neck. I think the neck’s a silly place For a bird to wear a ring. ‘Cause it […]