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Hobson’s Choice

He was a missionary, He had been one all his life. How to convince this heathen, He should only have one wife. They said he couldn’t do it, The tribe was too ferocious. Just what they would do to him Would really be atrocious. But it was the work of God So it shouldn’t cause […]

When Love Hurts

Skunk’s well known to be a stinker But has a very tender heart. He’s not the kind to hug and cuddle And then to hastily depart. He thought that she was very cute, She certainly was appealing. That is why it had been so hard Just to justify his feeling. He thought, when hugging Porcupine, […]

Bear Scare

We were on our first camping trip, We had hiked way up in the hills. Just three greenhorn city-buddies Out there enjoying nature’s thrills. We camped out by a mountain trail, Which led down to an ice-cold creek. Water had to be fetched often Because our bucket had a leak. My turn to go after […]

Prayer Would Have Been Preferred

Yesterday I got a call, she said her name was Joan. Her husband had been injured and he was all alone. As chaplain could I visit him until she could get there? Because she wanted him to know she’d sent someone to care. The doctor said the patient was really doing well. How soon he’d […]

The Elevator

They stood there in awe The father and his boy, Was this some type of magic Or the Devil’s toy? They lived out in the boonies And the father thought a pity. That his mountain family Had never seen the city. So there his son and he Stood waiting for his wife, He’d never seen […]