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For our friends Andy and Nancy They’re selling their house and they’re moving away. We can’t let them leave us but what can we say? They’ve found a new house, now Cinderella will try it. If the cat doesn’t like it, they probably won’t buy it. All his friends knew it was just idle wishing […]

The Rose

It was in a used bookstore, In a book he’d gone to buy, The comments he read, in the margins, Would put tears in a cynical eye. In lines any author would envy, She had penned her concepts of life. Her words showed such inner beauty, They cut through his heart like a knife. He […]


Poor Grackle knew his voice was bad, And he had learned it very soon. He was the only bird he knew Who couldn’t even make a tune. Now Grackle really loved to sing And serenade the morning sun. When all the other birds had choir He tried to join right in the fun. A melody […]


It was a very preppy school Where wealthy parents sent their girls, Who were their fathers’ source of pride And were their mothers’ little pearls. The school walls were ivy covered. The park like grounds showed tender care, The janitor was justly proud Of all the work that he did there. Now all the bathroom […]

The Kiss

The old man was the quiet type; he led a lonely life. He hated crowds of people and any kind of strife. His mule that he called Jessie seemed to be his only friend. He walked with painful shuffle, you could tell it hurt to bend. Folks called him, “Old Prospector,” that’s the only name […]