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I Tell You the Truth

Written for the 3rd Anniversary of Randy and Lori’s tenure as youth pastors at College Heights Assembly of God He was a tall man, who came out of the north In answer to God, who told him, “Go Forth”. He arrived on time, not his usual trait, For since that day he has always been […]

Plane Math

I said that I would never Set one foot inside a plane. So how did they convince me? I sure must have been insane. The stewardess showed us how To get out in a hurry. She pointed out the life vests Then I began to worry. But she said planes were safer Than traveling on […]


My train had made a stop At this one-horse little town, With at least an hour to kill I thought I’d look around. I asked a local citizen Who was standing there by me, If the town had an attraction Anything that I could see. He said there wasn’t much about But he might have […]


I was sitting at a light Feeling kind of bored, When a guy drove up beside me In a plain old common Ford. Now a Ford just isn’t one Of my favorite cars of choice. I was waiting for the light Sitting there in my Rolls Royce. Then the guy who owned the Ford Began […]


He was a salty pirate Who sailed the seven seas. He stood aside for no one And he never tried to please. Then I met him at the dock And I saw he’d lost a leg, He was getting on quite nicely On a shiny wooden peg. I saw he’d lost some other parts When […]