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A Dark and Stormy Night

As I was talking to a friend One dark and stormy gloomy night, He asked if I had ever tried To write as funny as I might. I knew this had to be something That I should never try to do. But my friend was so insistent I sat and penned a line or two. […]


When Johnny was three our Christmas was fun. We got up early to see what Santa had done. That Santa existed he had little doubt, For Santa had eaten the food we left out. At four and at five he still was naive. He was filled with excitement on each Christmas Eve. But when he […]

Petty Cash

He was a tax collector, The very best of the best, For he collected taxes Overlooked by all the rest. So, just why should he report All the tax he collected? The coins he kept for himself Would never be detected. One night a thief found the coins, A right goodly pile of loot, In […]


It was their anniversary, They had been married fifty years. A union full of happiness And of course there had been some tears. Their children gave them the party. And it had been a great surprise. They could see their life in pictures, All there, spread out before their eyes. I decided I would ask […]

The Choice

Just a slip of a girl From a very small town Where the gossip was quick To drag anyone down A girl that was single Was having a baby It was surely a sin, No if, and, or maybe No way to explain An illegitimate child And the rumors were swift They’d begun to run […]