The Baptist Preacher’s Visit

The country church asked Brother Jones
If he’d come and preach a service.
He’d never preached for Methodists
And he was a little nervous.

They had called him Sunday morning,
When they found out he was coming.
They had warned their church was small
And they had no indoor plumbing.

When he had started preaching
He noticed on the pulpit,
A large tin cup of water
And he began to sip from it.

Before he finished preaching
He had emptied the whole cup.
The hot air made his throat dry
And he’d used all the water up.

Then when he’d finished preaching
He asked his host to close in prayer.
He gathered notes and Bible
And set in the pastor’s chair.

The pastor told the Smiths
The baptism of their daughter,
Would have to wait till later.
Brother Jones drank all their water.


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