School Visits and Presentations

A school visit by a humorous poet can get children excited about poetry and about reading and writing in general. Most children’s authors who visit schools prefer the younger age groups from K through 5. My poetry, with its unexpected twists, appeals to the older students as well. I even speak to college groups on occasion, and entertain at adult group meetings, church parties, book festivals, private parties, and for senior citizens’ groups.

My presentations center around my poetry reading. Each poem is accompanied by a humorous illustration that is projected using a digital projector.

I will be happy to work with school or organization representatives to shape the presentation to meet the needs of the various groups. Contact me for more information or to schedule visits.

School Visits: Grades 3-12, college

Length: 15-60 minutes

Private Parties: Contact me

Equipment Needed: A screen, and for large groups, a microphone. If PowerPoint-capable equipment is not available, I will furnish my own digital projector. I will also need a small table or shelf where I can display my books.

Fees: Local (Brazos Valley) schools and civic organizations are usually done pro bono (if lunch or dinner is involved, my wife and I expect to be included). For visits involving travel the fee is $150 per session with a minimum of two sessions, plus travel expenses and overnight lodging when required.

Book Signing: I have authored 11 books of rhyming poetry. If you would like to preorder, contact me for ordering instructions.

Contact Information:

Address: 7329 Sandy Ranch Road, Somerville, TX 77879
Phone: (979) 535 7582