Hobson’s Choice

He was a missionary,
He had been one all his life.
How to convince this heathen,
He should only have one wife.

They said he couldn’t do it,
The tribe was too ferocious.
Just what they would do to him
Would really be atrocious.

But it was the work of God
So it shouldn’t cause him grief.
Then, showing much bravado,
He went up to see the chief.

It really did surprise him
That the head man was quite nice
And how quickly he agreed
He would follow God’s advice.

The warrior chief looked as big
As a hippopotamus.
He had but one condition
To become monogamous.

And it would test the courage
Of this missionary man.
The chief said, “If you do it,
I will be God’s greatest fan.”

He told the missionary
How ferocious his men were.
He’d not be responsible
For damages they’d incur.

“See those warriors over there?
They are my five wives’ brothers.
You choose which wife I should keep
Then YOU tell all the others!”


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