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If I Were a Flower

“If you were a flower,” My teacher asked me, “What kind of flower Would you want to be?” “A rose,” I told teacher, “A rose would be fun. Since roses have thorns, I could stick everyone!”


Little Miss Willow Sat on a pillow And there she was going to stay. But a spider beside ’er Convinced our Miss Willow That she should go elsewhere to play. By R. Wayne Edwards

Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son

Tom, Tom, the piper’s son Stole a pig but he didn’t run. He said no one could make him pay, Since he belonged to the P.E.T.A. That’s why he said he turned it loose. It went next door and killed a goose And they threw its owner in the calaboose.

Consider the Porcupine

The porcupine, as we all know, Is not a cuddly creature. He always seems on pins and needles And sharp retorts are his main feature. The porcupine is, by nature, Always slightly out of joint. And if you try to argue with him, He’ll make certain that you get his point. Now Mr. and Mrs. […]

The Magic Show

I always love A magic show. How tricks are done I’ll never know. One came to town This time last year. I’d hoped they’d make Sis disappear. She volunteered To go on stage, He put her in A wooden cage. I clapped my hands, I gave a cheer. I knew my Sis Would disappear. An […]