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Why the Elephant Painted Its Toenails Red

I asked the little elephant, “Why are your toenails red?” “It’s really very simple,” Is what I think he said. It seems the little elephant Was playing hide-and-seek, With all the other animals In our back yard last week. Elephants are kind of big, It’s hard to hide, you see. He painted all his toenails […]

One Minor De-Tail

Mister rabbit stood At the Old Wishing Well And wished that he had A bushy long tail. He threw in some nickels And pennies and dimes And wished a hundred And twenty-three times. He spent all the money He had to buy food, Which had gotten him in A terribly bad mood. Why hadn’t he […]

Doing Time

Us little kids all need lawyers, Especially when it’s time for bed. One to negotiate the terms; How many stories to be read. ‘Cause if I had a good lawyer, I could stay up late at night. I’m always first to go to bed And I am sure that isn’t right. Some nights I try […]

Consider the Snail

Let’s learn a lesson from the snail Where he goes he leaves a trail. When he goes where he shouldn’t be, His trail is there for all to see. Our life is like the little snail; Where we go we leave a trail. The things we do and the things we say Are the trail […]

Haunted House

When we passed the haunted house Pete made a double-dog-dare. He said that I was chicken And I wouldn’t go in there. I said, “Who’s afraid of ghosts?” Sally Mae was with us too. I really like Sally Mae And I’m thinking that Pete knew. I walked through the creaky gate And up to the […]