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Sleepless At Mary’s

I spent last night at Mary’s house. Her little brother is a rat! He told me his pet snake got loose And that it swallowed Mary’s cat. He said it ate their neighbor’s dog And both their rooster and their hen. He told me as I went to bed That his pet snake was loose […]

Should I Tell Mom?

A large green thing came in our house, It ate right through our big front door. It ate the paper from the walls And ate the rugs off of the floor. I think I’d better tell my mom, Because she’ll know just what to do. The green thing will be sorry then My mom will […]

Bad Bug

Last night, when I got into bed, I missed my mommy’s nighttime hug. Daddy said she couldn’t kiss me Because she has a nasty bug. I told Dad, a bug’s no problem, No big thing to worry about. When Mom’s computer got a bug, She used her mouse and got it out.

I Didn’t Kiss Her

Lots of kids tell things about me That I simply didn’t do! They tell stupid things about me, Things that I promise just aren’t true. They tell great big hairy stories And they tell fabricated lies. Well, okay, I might be the one That tasted two of Grandma’s pies. But it’s a great big stupid […]

No Such Things as Ghosts

“There are no such things as ghosts. It’s all in your stupid head!” I told my little brother, As we got ready for bed. “There are no such things as ghosts.” And I made it very clear. “It’s stupid to believe in ghosts, So you have nothing to fear.” He pointed under his bed, We […]