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I’ve got a bad sore throat, Runny nose and a cough. If I sneeze one more time, My head just might come off. Mom said that it looks like I caught myself a cold. I’m not good at catching. I’m only three years old. I heard my mom tell Dad, She thinks I caught the […]

Waste Basket

Last night my mother told me, “It won’t help to beg and plead, Just go and clean your room up, Throw away what you don’t need.” She didn’t seem too happy, When she saw what I had done? It hadn’t been real easy, Because Sis can really run! Mom said, “Come and get her out, […]


My parents say, “Drink lots of milk, Because milk makes children grow.” I just found out where milk comes from; I wonder if my parents know?

Piece of Cake

I won’t open our ‘frigerator, Not even on a double-dog-dare! ‘Cause Sissy told me there’s a monster Who just now moved his family there. They can eat all the beans and spinach, I told Sissy that I wouldn’t care. But they best not eat the piece of cake That Sissy told me to hide in […]

My Mother’s an Angel

My mother’s an angel; Just how do I know? It has to be true, Because Grandpa said so. If she is an angel, Just where are her wings? All angels have them, Among other things. When I asked my grandpa, He laughed and then said, “They’re hidden, like the eyes In the back of her […]