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My Dad’s the Best

You shouldn’t exaggerate About what your dad can do; That he wrestles alligators We all know just isn’t true. He can’t outrun a cheetah, He can’t whip a grizzly bear If he can wiggle both his ears Why would anybody care? My dad’s greater than your dad I don’t even have to lie When it […]

Rainy Day

I never like A rainy day, When I can’t go Outside and play. I wish that there Could be a rule, It only rains When I’m in school! And if my wish Would just come true, I think Mom would Be happy too!


They must think that I’m stupid, ‘Cause they treat me like I’m dumb. They always act real nervous When I ask where I came from. I asked how it could happen, I was born on my birthday? Mom told me she was busy And to go outside and play. It was in a hospital Where […]


They all made fun of my old hound, He wasn’t the smartest dog around. He couldn’t fetch and he couldn’t sit, But I was as proud of him as spit. He never would chase a truck or a car; He just didn’t care to run all that far. Exertion, to him, was never a habit; […]


Now I can jump And I can fly. I can almost Reach to the sky. Ol’ Superman’s Not good as me, From gravity I’ve been set free. I know that I Can outrun Mike Even riding His brother’s bike. They must have cost Lots of pennies; Mommy bought me BRAND NEW TENNIES! When you read […]